API User Documentation

Getting Started

Using API applications couldn't be easier and that's how we want it. The developers creating the applications will be jumping through the hoops to make things simple for you. You also get complete control over your data and get to keep your privacy.

First, you need to find an application to add; if you can't find any that do what you want, please consider writing one and giving it out to the world. A good example application is FeralBot in #feral-stats on our IRC chat network (type "/join #feral-stats" without the quotes once connected), you can run commands such as !quota to display your statistics.

We will use this IRC application as our example, you will be given a URL to add the application such as this one: https://www.feralhosting.com//api/grant?identifier=2

It is very important that you double check the address bar says "https://www.feralhosting.com/" and that there was no SSL certificate error given. You should also never give out your password to any one requesting other than the login page, even if asked by an administrator. If any of these have happened or if you're unsure, it's a good idea to change your password.

Access Controls

So you have been presented with a page saying you are about to grant access to parts of the API in your name as a user. The name of the application and the author's username (unique to Feral Hosting's website) is shown. Beneath that is the description of the application, it should adequately describe it's functionality.

Finally, just above the "Add Application" button are the access controls. These are the parts of the API that the application is requesting access to, also known as the "page". You are free and completely in your rights to disable access to certain pages however if done, the application may not work as fully expected.

To the right of each page is a brief description of what's being granted access to, clicking the link (name of the page) will provide much more specific information by leading you to the developer docmumentation. Below the description is the reason why the application requires access, this normally refers to a specific action. For example with FeralBot, certain !commands will not be available.

Removing an Application

You can remove an application by visiting the grant permissions page and denying access to the application to all pages. By removing access, the application will get a generic "access denied" dialogue.

A full list of applications you currently have access to can be found on the permissions page.


Your privacy, as our customer, is more than just a legal requirement but very important to us; you will never be forced into granting permission to applications and in the event of something going wrong, the default will be to deny access to any application. Developers also agree to our rules to gain access to the API.

We will always remain committed to protecting your privacy.

If, after reading through this, you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.