Confirming Your Slot

This guide will take you through the steps to confirm your slot. This will associate your e-mail address (and other details) to your slot in our database and signals that you wish to keep using the slot in the future.

Here is a general overview of all steps required:

  1. Visit the recover login page
  2. Login via SSH / SFTP / FTP password
  3. Specify allocated disk space
  4. Specify renewal day
  5. Specify expiration date
  6. Specify e-mail address
  7. Await slot confirmation e-mail
  8. Click slot confirmation e-mail

If you have any further questions or an issue confirming your slot then please don't hestitate to contact support:

Visit the Recovery Login

To begin the process you will need to visit the login recovery page. Since your slot has no e-mail associated with it, we are unable to recover "Via E-mail".

Login Via SSH / SFTP / FTP Password

Slot login form with details entered
An example of the server, username and password entered into the slot login form.

The second part of the recover login page allows us to use our slot's SSH, SFTP or FTP password (they are all the same). Please enter the details. In addition to the instructions in the form there are some pitfalls that you might want to consider:

  • The server name is the physical location of your of your slot. This not the same as the type which is referred to as "Helium", "Neon", and so on.
  • The username is generally the same for all slot logins.
  • The password is separate from the previous site login and any specific software running on your server. It is the password you would use to retrieve files on the slot.

(Optional): Recover SSH / SFTP / FTP Password

If you don't have the slot's login password then you will need to try and recover it from a program that has saved the password or contact us to reset it. To do this you need to prove ownership of the slot. Please work through the rest of the steps on the recover page and ultimately sending an e-mail to pre-account support.

Specify Allocated Disk Space

Slot confirmation: specifying disk allocation with an HDD based slot.
An example of the first step of the confirmation process requesting you specify your disk allocation. SSD slots will show a slightly different table.

Here is the general procedure for finding the disk space allocation:

  1. Find the monthly price of your slot. You can check your bank statements or e-mail for payment receipts to find the exact value.
  2. The price of your slot will correspond to a type of slot found in the first table. For example if you were renewing for £15 /month then this corresponds to a Neon slot.
  3. The amount of disk space allocated to your type of slot is determined by when it was created. Most slots were allocated recently with the full amount and should be selected from the first table. Older slots that were held back and can be selected from the second table.

It is important to select the same (or less than) as the original slot allocation because all of our disks are fully allocated (but never over allocated). We are happy to initiate upgrades or changes to any slot immediately after confirmation.

Specify Renewal Day

Slot confirmation: specifying a renewal day
An example of the renewal step, specifying the renewal day that normally occurs each month.

You renewed your slot every month on the same date aligned to when it was created. You can check the date on a "Slot Ready" e-mail or gain an approximate idea from when you made payments towards it. Moving forward this will be the date your slot renews on each month so it doesn't have to be 100% correct.

Once you have made your decision, click on Next Step.

Specify Expiration Date

Slot confirmation: specifying when the slot was due to next be renewed
An example of the expiration step, specifying when the slot was due to next be renewed.

We are looking for when you would next renew your slot.

  • If you generally only prepaid a month in advance. Select November or December.
  • If you were nearing your slot's expiration date then you can look for a payment reminder and add the days left to the date you received it.
  • You can get an approximate expiration date by checking when you last made a payment (from bank statement or payment receipts) and adding the number of months it was for to the date when it was made. So if you renewed in July for 6 months it would take you to January 2017.

If you are unsure on this step specify November 2016 and once fully confirmed, elect to pay for what you used over the period. We will accept what you believe is fair (our honour billing system). We will be looking to verify slots that are paid far into the future.

Once you hare happy with your choice, click on Next Step.

Specify E-mail Address

Slot confirmation: specifying your e-mail address
An example of the e-mail address step. The author is specifying his e-mail address to associate with his slot.

We have no e-mail address associated with your slot so you are free to choose any e-mail you wish (not necessarily the one you used before). We will consider any e-mails from this address as coming from the owner.

Click Update Slot (you won't see this page again) once you have entered a valid e-mail address.

Await Slot Confirmation E-mail

Slot confirmation: the website waiting for the slot confirmation link to be pressed
An example of the website waiting for the slot confirmation link sent via e-mail to be clicked. It has a button to reset the whole process.

With all necessary details entered you are then sent an e-mail to double check that it's valid. Please open your e-mail client and check for an e-mail titled Slot Confirmation from

Important: do not press the Reset Slot Confirmation button unless you wish to rsetart the process amending the details (including e-mail address) entered.

Click Slot Confirmation E-mail

Slot confirmation: final step confirming all details
An example of the final confirmation step. All details selected are shown with the option to confirm or restart the process.

Finally, visit the slot confirmation link provided in the e-mail. You must be logged into the slot with the same browser used to click the confirmation link. This unfortunately means you cannot use your PC to enter the details and click the confirmation link with your phone. You are logged into the slot when you see the slot in the menu on the left.

Please take a moment to double check the details you entered in earlier steps are correct. Once you are happy with them press Confirm Slot. If they are incorrect you may restart the whole process by clicking Reset Slot Confirmation taking you back to disk allocation step.

You will then be e-mailed a password for the website's login completing the process.

Your slot is now confirmed!