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We used to put most of our knowledgebase into something we called the FAQs. This has been renamed the Wiki with articles containing more structure and purpose (see contributing). Below documents the ongoing conversion process.

FAQ Category, Title
The old FAQ category, title with link to the cached entry.
How far long our conversion progress is this article? Intended progression: none, location (determine category, target audience and relevant article), check (requires a double check that all information has been carried across), and completed.
Wiki Category
The new Wiki category to fit under. This may include a sub-category e.g., PlexRequests wouldn't just translate to Software but as a sub-category under Software/Plex: Software/Plex/Requests
Target Audience
Wiki articles should target a specific audience to tailor the level of detail and assumptions. Top-level categories impose an audience but sub-categories may differ.
Proposed location within the Wiki with a link once created.
FAQ Category Title Assessment Wiki Category Target Audience Article Notes
General01 How Long until My Slot Is Activated.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
General02 Your Feral Slot Is Active - Part 1 - the Account Manager.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/web_manager
General03 Your Feral Slot Is Active - Part 2 - Using Your Slot.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
General04 Using Your Account - Common Questions.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
General05 Changing Passwords.md checkSlotsSSH Userslots/change_passwords
General06 How to Get Your Server IP Address in SSH or in IRC.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasksReview if IRC obsolete
General07 Payments - Problems and Late Payments.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/payment
General08 Completing a Data Transfer.md locationSlotsUserslots/data_transfers
General09 Useful and Recommended Software.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
General10 I Want to Edit or Create a FAQ or Guide.md completedN/AUserwiki/contributing
General11 Slot Upgrades - Additional Disk Space or Speed Requirements.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/web_manager
General12 IPv6.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
General13 IRC - Explained.md locationGetting startedUsergetting_started/irc
General14 What is Off-peak Bandwidth.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
General15 Cron.md checkSlotsUserslots/cron
Installable Software01 Installing new software.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/web_manager
Installable Software02 Installing Different Versions of rTorrent and ruTorrent.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/version
Installable Software03 Uninstalling software.md completedSoftwareSSH UserObsolete - to be contained within each software's guide
Installable Software04 Restarting - rtorrent - Deluge - Transmission - MySQL.md completedSoftwareSSH UserObsolete - to be contained within each software's guide
Installable Software05 ruTorrent - troubleshooting.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent
Installable Software06 Deluge - troubleshooting.md checkSoftwareUsersoftware/deluge
Installable Software07 Transmission and Transmission Remote GUI.md checkSoftwareUsersoftware/transmission, software/transmission/remote
Installable Software08 Deluge Daemon - Remote control with the local Thin client.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/deluge
Installable Software09 rTorrent - troubleshooting common errors.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent
Installable Software10 OpenVPN - How to connect to your vpn.md checkSoftwareUsersoftware/openvpn
Installable Software11 ruTorrent Plugin - Mediastream.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software12 rTorrent - Notifications.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/notifications
Installable Software13 ruTorrent Plugin - Coloured Ratio Column.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software14 ruTorrent Plugin - Fileshare.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software15 ruTorrent Plugin - Feralstats.md completedSoftwareSSH UserObsolete - no FeralAPI
Installable Software16 ruTorrent - Plugins.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software17 ruTorrent Plugin - Screenshots.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software18 ruTorrent Plugin - Filemanager.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software19 ruTorrent Plugin - Fileupload.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software20 Fixing FilterFeed loss bug for RSS Downloader Plugin (ruTorrent).md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
Installable Software21 Deluge - Plugins using the thin client.md checkSoftware/DelugeSSH Usersoftware/deluge/plugins
Installable Software22 OpenVPN - start and connect everytime I log onto a Windows 7 system.md checkSoftwareUsersoftware/openvpn
Installable Software23 Backing up rutorrent RSS feeds and filters.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/pluginsadd section
Installable Software24 MySQL - how to install and use.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/mysql
Installable Software25 What to do with torrents added to rtorrent - rutorrent are stuck on Pausing.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/rutorrentadd section
Installable Software26 How to change torrent clients with active torrents.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/changing_torrent_clients
Installable Software27 Using the RSS Downloader Plugin in ruTorrent Web Interface.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/pluginsadd section
Installable Software28 ruTorrent Plugin - Unpack.md checkSoftware/ruTorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/plugins
SSH01 SSH Guide - The Basics.md checkSlotsUserslots/ssh
SSH02 SSH Tunnels Guide - The Basics.md checkSlotsUserslots/ssh-tunnels
SSH03 SSH Tunnels - How to use them with your applications.md checkSlotsUserslots/ssh-tunnels
SSH04 SSH tunnels - MyEnTunnel.md checkSlotsUserslots/ssh-tunnels
SSH05 SSH tunnelled browser on your Android phone.md checkSlotsUserslots/ssh-tunnels
SSH06 Public Key Authentication for password-less login.md locationSlotsUserslots/key_auth
SSH07 Putty - using PAGEANT.md locationSlotsUserslots/key_auth
SSH08 Kitty - SSH - Private Keys - SSH tunnels.md checkSlotsUserslots/ssh, slots/ssh-tunnels, slots/key_auth
SSH09 Bitvise - SSH - Private Keys - SSH tunnels - FTP to SFTP Bridge.md locationSlots/KiTTY_alternativesUserslots/kitty_alternatives/bitvise
SSH10 XShell - SSH - SSH tunnels - Private Keys.md locationSoftware/KiTTY_alternativesUserslots/kitty_alternatives/xshell
SSH11 Check your disk quota in SSH.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
SSH12 Mount Your Server as a Local Filesystem - Windows - Dokan - win-sshfs.md locationSlotsUserslots/mount_locally
SSH13 Mount Your Server as a Local Filesystem - Linux.md locationSlotsUserslots/mount_locally
SSH14 Feral Toolkit.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
SFTP and FTP01 Filezilla - Basic Setup for FTP or SFTP.md checkSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/filezilla
SFTP and FTP02 WinSCP - usage - performing common tasks - creating torrents - unrar - symlinks and more.md locationSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/winscp
SFTP and FTP03 CuteFTP Pro Display hidden files.md checkSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/cuteftp
SFTP and FTP04 What is multisegmented downloading - how does it help.md checkSlotsUserslots/more_speed
SFTP and FTP05 LFTP - Automated sync from seedbox to home.md checkSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/lftp
SFTP and FTP06 CuteFTP - Continue downloading a file that I've removed from the queue.md checkSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/cuteftp
SFTP and FTP07 FTP - How to avoid hash check failures.md checkSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp
SFTP and FTP08 How to move data between two servers in windows.md locationSlotsUserslots/transferring_data
SFTP and FTP09 Setting up a remote watch directory using CuteFTP and uTorrent.md locationSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/cuteftp
SFTP and FTP10 What to do if FTP speeds are slow.md checkSlotsUserslots/more_speed
SFTP and FTP11 Text editing - Over FTP or SFTP.md locationSlotsUserslots/ftp
HTTP01 Putting your WWW folder to use.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/www
HTTP02 Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS.md locationSlots/WWWSSH Userslots/www/https
HTTP03 Password protect your WWW folder.md checkSlots/WWWSSH Userslots/www/password-protect
HTTP04 Host a virtual host on your Feral slot.md locationSlots/WWWSSH Userslots/www/custom_domain
HTTP05 Wordpress - Basic setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/wordpress
HTTP06 Pydio - Basic setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/pydio
HTTP07 Owncloud - Basic setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/owncloud
HTTP08 How to run FLASK webpages on your slot.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/flask
HTTP09 Setting up Django application using Gunicorn - Nginx - Supervisor.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/django
HTTP10 Updating Apache to nginx.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/nginx
HTTP11 phpmyadmin - MySQL Administration.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/phpmyadmin
HTTP12 phpBB3 - basic setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/phpbb3
HTTP13 Apache - basics.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/apache
HTTP14 PHP - modify settings.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/php
HTTP15 Adminer - MySQL administration.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/adminer
HTTP16 How do I connect to MySQL in PHP.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/mysql
HTTP17 Downloading Torrent Data via HTTP.md checkSlots/WWWSSH Userslots/www/dl-via-http
Other software01 Transdroid - Control - rTorrent - Deluge - Transmission From Your Android Phone.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/transdroid
Other software02 Jackett - Basic setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/jackett
Other software03 Air Video HD.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/airvideo
Other software04 Automated Reroute.md checkSlotsSSH Userslots/more_speed
Other software05 OSX - Homebrew.md checkSlotsSSH Userslots/homebrew
Other software06 Can I run a Tor node on my slot.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
Other software07 aria2c.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/aria2Incorporate Windows client too?
Other software08 Cygwin - Linux tools on Windows.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/cygwin
Other software09 OpenVPN - Connect on Android 4.0 and up - using OpenVPN Connect.md checkSoftwareUsersoftware/openvpn
Other software10 Kodi - Formerly XBMC - Connecting to Shares.md locationSlotUserslots/kodiNot in software as not installable server-side
Other software11 Add torrents to rutorrent from browser (userscript).md locationSlotsUserslots/remote_add
Other software12 How do I make thumbnails of video files.md completedSoftwareSSH UserObsolete - uses abandoned mtn (32-bit only)
Other software13 mktorrent webui - make torrents easily in your browser.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/mktorrent
Other software14 Can I run a minecraft or similar game server on my slot.md checkGetting startedUsergetting_started/newbie_info
Other software15 Remote Torrent Adder - Adding torrents to your slot from Chrome.md locationSlotsUserslots/remote_add
Other software16 How to transfer files to Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD).md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/acd_cli
Slot plans01 Testing the Speed of Your Server.md locationSlotsUserslots/speed_test
Software01 Generic Software Installation Guide.md checkSlotsSSH Userslots/generic_install_guide
Software02 Subsonic or Madsonic.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/madsonic, software/subsonic
Software03 Java - Local Installation.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/java
Software04 Autodl-irssi - Installation and Configuration.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/autodl-irssi
Software05 Plowshare - a download tool for file sharing websites - with auto captcha solving.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/plowshare
Software06 proftpd - Installing an FTP daemon for extra accounts.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/proftpd
Software07 Sick Beard - Installation and Configuration.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/sickbeard
Software08 SickRage - Installation and Configuration.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/sickrage
Software09 BitTorrent Sync and Resilio Sync - basic setup.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/resilio_sync
Software10 Ghost Blogging Platform.md locationSoftware/NodeJSSSH Usersoftware/nodejs/ghost
Software11 etherpad-lite.md locationSoftware/NodeJSSSH Usersoftware/nodejs/etherpad
Software12 Using WinSCP to Sync Your Slot with Home (Windows).md locationSlots/FTPUserslots/ftp/winscp
Software13 CMAKE - Basic Setup.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/cmake
Software14 Mosh - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/mosh
Software15 ffmpeg - Basic Setup.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/ffmpeg
Software16 Curl - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/curl
Software17 Syncthing - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/syncthing
Software18 Squid Proxy - Anonymous Forward Proxy Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/squid
Software19 NCurses Disk Usage.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/ncdu
Software20 Perl - Installing modules.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/perl
Software21 rclone - Cloud Service Syncing.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/rclone
Software22 MPD (Music Player Daemon) - Basic setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/mpd
Software23 Plex Requests - Basic Setup.md locationSoftware/PlexSSH Usersoftware/plex/ombi
Software24 Sonarr - Basic Setup.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/sonarr
Software25 SoX - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/sox
Software26 Mumble - Installing Murmur on your slot..md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/murmur
Software27 Plex.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/plex
Software28 ImageMagick - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/imagemagick
Software29 Ruby - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/ruby
Software30 ZNC - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/znc
Software31 SpiderOak.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/spideroak
Software32 node.js - How to install.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/nodejs
Software33 Deluge - Running more than one instance.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/deluge
Software34 Icecast - streaming media server.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/icecast
Software35 Mollify - yet another web-based file manager.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/mollify
Software36 SABnzbd - A how to.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/sabnzbd
Software37 Set Up and Configure pyWHATauto on Your Feral Box.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/pywhatauto
Software38 How to Install RapidLeech.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/rapidleech
Software39 Python - Usage and Installation.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/python
Software40 Dropbox - How to install.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/dropbox
Software41 Git - How to Install.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/git
Software42 Duplicity - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/duplicity
Software43 WeeChat - an IRC Client - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/weechat
Software44 p7zip - basic installation.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/p7zip
Software45 Multiple instances - rtorrent and rutorrent.md locationSoftware/rutorrentSSH Usersoftware/rutorrent/multiple_instances
Software46 Flexget - Basic installation.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/flexget
Software47 CouchPotato - An automatic NZB and torrent downloader for Films.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/couchpotato
Software48 Deluge - Running more than one Deluge webUI.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/deluge
Software49 AeroFS - How to install.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/aerofs
Software50 RSS - Using Rssdler on your Feral slot.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/rssdler
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)01 Get Help for Any Command in the Shell.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)02 Making a Torrent in the Shell.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)03 Disk Usage - Check your usage in SSH.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)04 Finding Files in the Shell.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)05 Deleting Folders in the Shell.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)06 Rsync - Transferring Data from Slot to Slot.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/transferring_data
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)07 Rar and Unrar in Command Line - with Examples.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)08 Screen Command - a Basic Guide.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)09 Symbolic Links - Shortcuts.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)10 How to Obtain Screenshots and MediaInfo without the Need to Transfer Files.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/ffmpeg, software/mediainfoIncorporate into software guides
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)11 Easily Split and Combine Large Files for Faster Parallel Transfers.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)12 FLAC to MP3 Conversion in Perl - Recursive.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)13 Irssi - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/irssi
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)14 Ranger - an SSH File Manager.md locationSoftwareSSH Userranger
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)15 FileBot CLI - Basic Setup.md locationSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/filebot
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)16 Raspberry Pi - Sync with rysnc.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/pi_sync
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)17 Split a Large File into Multiple Smaller Sized Ones.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)18 Timezone - How to Configure.md slotsSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)19 Setting up Public Key Authentication - Linux.md slotsSlotsSSH Userslots/key_auth
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)20 Upload a Downloaded Torrent to Another Tracker.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/cross-seeding
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)21 Creating and Checking SFV or MD5 Hash Files.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)22 Batch Torrent Creation Directly on Your Feral Slot.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)23 FLAC to MP3 Conversion and Automatic What.CD Torrent Creation Directly on Your Feral Slot.md completedSoftwareSSH UserObsolete
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)24 Aliases in Linux for Long Commands.md locationSlotsSSH Userslots/basic_ssh_tasks
Linux Command-Line (Advanced)25 Unrar - How to Install a Newer Version.md checkSoftwareSSH Usersoftware/unrar
UnknownPlexpy installation.md locationSoftware/PlexSSH Usersoftware/plex/plexpy