Plex WebTools

Plex WebTools is a collection of utilities to help with the management of your Plex Media Server.


To install Plex WebTools, log in via SSH then copy and paste the following commands:

wget -q
unzip -q -d ~/private/plex/storage/config/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Plug-ins
rm ~/private/plex/control-files/restart

After a minute Plex will restart and activate the plugin.

Accessing Plex WebTools

WebTools runs on port 33400 on a private IP that can be accessed by connecting via OpenVPN. Run the following command to find the private IP:

grep ip-address ~/private/plex/detailed-status

You should see a response similar to: ip-address=10.x.y.10 (where x and y are numbers specific to your slot). You can then connect via OpenVPN and visit http://10.x.y.10:33400/ (where x and y were found from the earlier command).