A big part of what we do is offering fast, informed and friendly support. We understand that things can go wrong both inside and outside of Feral and hope to offer help and support where we can.

Getting Support

Please use the following resources for getting support:

  1. Our wiki contains lot of information on our site and services. A quick skim may be able to answer your question or help put your slot to more use.
  2. IRC is a casual way of chatting to other customers. It is important to remember that we cannot provide account information over IRC and any staff present are in a casual capacity.
  3. As a customer, support tickets are the best way to contact us. It's our way of organising behind any and all issues that arise and takes priority over other communication.

Contacting Us

We can be contacted via e-mail for non-support related inquiries. If you are a customer then the fastest method for resolution for any type of query is by opening a new support ticket.


Feral Hosting is incorporated under the name "Feral.io Ltd" in England and Wales with company number 11569545 and VAT registration 306 2318 38. The registered office is:

Capital Tower
91 Waterloo Road

We also have a privacy policy.