Transmission - accessing remotely

In addition to using Transmission's web UI it's also possible to access it remotely from your computer. This guide will show you how to get it set up. It doesn't really on any previous knowledge or expertise.

Download the software

Though there are several different programs that can connect to Transmission remotely, but the one which will work for you at Feral is Transmission Remote GUI. You should download the relevant version then open the program.

Configure your Transmission daemon

In Transmission Remote GUI, click the little arrow next to Connect to Transmission (in the top left of the window) and select New connection....

In the window that appears, you should provide the following information:

Remote host:
Authentication required
User name:
Your Transmission username
Your Transmission password

In the above, username is your actual username and server is replaced by the name of your server, e.g. zeus.